February 25, 2021

Building trust through technology

2020 saw freight delays across Australian supply chains.

Building trust through technology | Ofload

This was driven by a combination of booming e-commerce due to increased household discretionary spending, the collapse of commercial flights impacting air freight movements, and industrial action at Australian ports.

With these delays continuing into 2021, the need for efficiency and transparency across supply chains is increasingly important.

Most of the freight industry is still reliant on manual processes — phone calls, emails, and assorted spreadsheets — to manage loads . This, along with a lack of transparency around industry pricing, makes it difficult for shipping companies to organise freight and get the best pricing.

Switching to a technology-first approach will be key to promoting efficiency and transparency for carriers, shippers, and consumers. Ofload aims to do this by managing the full journey of freight through technology. Our tech platform mediates interactions between shippers and carriers, and allows for easy access to timely freight updates.

Ofload’s shipper platform

Our tech platform is structured to tackle manual processes and the lack of transparency in order to build more trust and efficiency in the freight industry. More broadly, our technology will also allow us to target the empty kilometres travelled by trucks without return loads and low utilisation causing trucks to stand idle.

We achieve this through targeted allocation of freight via the increased market visibility our technology provides. Leveraging our wide carrier network to find carriers with empty trucks means we can also provide more competitive rates and reduce overhead costs for shippers.

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