Australia’s most efficient road freight partner

We move freight across the country using our core carrier network and team of experts, providing a customised freight solution tailored to your company's needs

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How Ofload can support your business

I am a Shipper
looking to move goods

Male logistics manager talking to someone over the phone while holding his work tablet

I am a Shipper looking to move goods

We move your freight from A to B with a personalised network tailored to your business.

Speak to our team of experts who can support your requests.

Smiling truck driver

I am a Carrier
with trucks to move freight

I am a Carrier with trucks to move freight

We support small carrier businesses, with a focus on product offerings and discounts to help you build your business sustainably.

Sign up for instant access to a marketplace of loads.

Screenshot of the Carbon Analytics Platform

We’re on a net zero journey.

Stay ahead of the curve with our industry-leading carbon measurement tool, to help you prepare for mandated reporting.

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Recognitions of our work

2023 ASCL Awards Finalist
Training, Education & Development
Technology Fast 50
2023 Australia
Tech Innovation Winner
Most Innovative
Proud Supporter of
Veterans’ Employment
Shipping & Maritime
Industry Awards
Winner 2022
Start-up Highly Recommended
Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Award

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