Your digital partner for road freight

About Ofload

Ofload is a digital platform for road freight that connects quality shippers with reliable carriers. We manage end-to-end fulfilment through technology.

For Shippers

We have digitalised the end-to-end road freight process: from getting a price, booking and managing your transport, to controlling fulfilment and successful delivery. Automating the manual processes means you only pay for the actual transport of your goods - not extensive overhead. Our aim is to connect you to the full market of ~50,000 carriers in Australia. We manage the complexity and quality, so you can have hassle-free access to endless and flexible transport capacity at true market prices. Our drivers have access to the latest technology through our mobile app, so we can provide you with the data you need to transform your logistics - from realtime tracking to digital document handling.

For Carriers

We partner with great carriers to give them access to the best loads from Australia’s largest shippers. We want to give you hassle-free access to more work without needing to add more sales personnel or engaging in long negotiations. Through our platform, you can see personalized loads that match your fleet and route coverage, and with prices attached, it only takes one click and the load is yours. We manage all interactions with the shipper, and guarantee payment with the option of getting paid within 1 week of POD. We’re free of charge, and it’s easy to register, so sign-up today and stop driving empty!


To achieve zero waste in trucking by empowering the long tail of small-medium sized carriers through technology.