Ofload x United Fuel Cards

Ofload has partnered with United Petroleum to provide fleets with unbeatable savings on Diesel. With wholesale rates you can stop paying pump prices and start saving.
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Ofload truck at United 24 Gas Station
470+ Stations

Discount available at every United and Astron station around Australia. United has an extensive truck-friendly network to meet your fleet’s needs.

Savings as High as 20c

Carriers on a TGP (Terminal Gate Price) wholesale fuel plan saved an average of 20c when compared with the national pump average.**

7c off-pump discount available

Prefer an off-pump discount? 7c deals available to any applicants no matter the size of your fleet.

No Minimum Usage Requirements

No Minimum Usage Requirements

Bigger Discounts Available

Large fleet operators may be eligible for additional discounts. Plus, if you have your own tank, speak with us about bulk delivery options.

Application is Free

It is free to join this deal and takes only a few minutes to apply. Card fee is just $2.50 per month per card.

*Savings calculations are estimates. On a TGP plan prices fluctuate daily.
** According to the Australian Institute of Petroleum 2023

How it works

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Head to any United or Astron Station

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Fill up your truck with Diesel
UnitedxOfload Fuel Card
Pay using your Ofload x United fuel card

Pay using your Ofload x United fuel card

Wholesale deal

With a TGP deal there are two components which will make up your price on any given day. This deal can provide better overall savings well below pump prices as high as 20c off.


The base cost is United’s Terminal Gate Price (wholesale). Instead of checking the advertised pump price you can check online to see what the next day’s price will be for the state you are filling up in.

See Price Calculator for today’s rate.

Freight Rate

Each station has its own freight cost which will be charged on a per litre basis. The closer the station is to United’s depot the cheaper it will be. Standard freight costs are 2-3c.

7c off-pump

This deal provides garuanteed 7c discount off the advertised pump price for Diesel.

Advertised pump price - 7c

If you are interested in redeeming the 7c offer please send us an email once you have submitted an application.

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Do you have your own tank on site?

If you do, or are interested in exploring options please get in touch by filling out the below form.We have delivery solutions which could help you access rates below TGP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I save?
According to the Australian Institute of Petroleum, in the financial year ending June 2023 carriers on a Terminal Gate Pricing deal would have saved 20c on average. For a single truck this could lead to savings as much as $15,000 per year. With TGP fuel deals, it is important to note that prices fluctuate daily. TGP rates tend to lead to far better discounts on average than a fuel card with a discount off pump offer. The TGP rate is generally below the advertised pump price, but in situations where this is not the case, the United card will default to the pump price. How can I redeem the offer?
Terminate Gate Pricing vs Pump Price - FY 22/23
How can I redeem the offer?
Step 1: Fill out this form
Step 2: Let United know your fleet details and how many cards you want
Step 3: United will process your application, and once approved will send cards direct to you.
Where can I check price?
United publishes their fuel pricing daily for the following day on their website, allowing you to plan your route ahead of time. The rates are listed according to terminal, so for the most accurate rate make sure to check the Diesel price for the capital city of the state you are filling up in. For carriers on the Ofload x United deal we have created a fuel price calculator on this page which you can find here.
Are there any fees?
Card Fee - $2.50 per month

Freight Rate - United applies standard freight rates depending on the station that you choose to fill up at. This fee covers the cost United incurs to ship the fuel to each station. Stations closer to the terminal will be under 2c, whereas more regional or remote stations will incur higher freight costs. These costs are automatically added to the TGP price when you fill up. To see the total cost you will pay per lite on any given day see the fuel price calculator here
Prefer a flat off-pump discount over the wholesale rate?
If you prefer a flat discount Ofload carriers are eligible for 7c off-pump instead of a wholesale/Terminal Gate Price rate. If this is your preference, make sure to let us know once your application is submitted by contacting fuel@ofload.com.
Already have a United fuel card?
If you already have a United fuel card please get in touch with us If you already have a United card, by joining Ofload's network you can still access Ofload's TGP offer. To switch across to the Ofload discount, get in touch with us by emailing fuel@ofload.com.
Where can I fill up?
You can use your Ofload x United Fuel Card to fill up at any of the 470+ Astron or United stations around the country. For a full list of station locations, check United’s Service Station Locator.
Fuel Quality
United Petroleum prides itself on providing high quality fuels at competitive prices. United comply with all relevant State and Federal Government Standards and Legislation in regard to fuel quality including: Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000, Fuel Quality Standards Regulation 2019, Petrol Determination 2019, E85 Determination 2019, Diesel Determination 2019. In addition, the relevant State and Federal Government agencies regularly test the quality of fuels supplied across United Petroleum and Astron fuel sites nationally.Payment Terms
Payment terms
United’s standard payment terms are 7 days from end of month. You will be directed on the 7th of the following month for your outstanding balance from your nominated account.
Prefer prepaid cards?
If you are interested in the discount without credit United has a pre-paid option available. Make sure to send us an email at fuel@ofload.com once you have submitted your application to let us know, and no credit check will be run on your company.
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Get in touch with us to find out more.
Email us at fuel@ofload.com

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