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Ofload has partnered with United Petroleum to provide fleets with unbeatable savings on Diesel. With wholesale rates you can stop paying pump prices and start saving.

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Why get an Ofload card?

470+ Stations

Discount available at every United and Astron station around Australia. United has an extensive truck-friendly network to meet your fleet’s needs.

Savings as High as 20c

Carriers on a TGP (Terminal Gate Price) wholesale fuel plan saved an average of 20c when compared with the national pump average.**

7c off-pump discount available

Prefer an off-pump discount? 7c deals available to any applicants no matter the size of your fleet.  

No Minimum Usage Requirements

Access to wholesale rates whether you operate a single truck or a large fleet.

Bigger Discounts Available

Large fleet operators may be eligible for additional discounts. Plus, if you have your own tank, speak with us about bulk delivery options.

Application is Free

It is free to join this deal and takes only a few minutes to apply. Card fee is just $2.50 per month per card.

*Savings calculations are estimates. On a TGP plan prices fluctuate daily.
** According to the Australian Institute of Petroleum 2023

How it works

Wholesale Deal
7c Off-Pump

Head to any United or Astron Station

Station finder here


Fill up your truck with Diesel


Pay using your Ofload x United fuel card

Your discount will be applied in your end of month invoice

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Bulk Fuel

Do you have your own tank on site?

If you do, or are interested in exploring options please get in touch by filling out the below form.

We have delivery solutions which could help you access rates below TGP.

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