March 4, 2021

Prioritising safety and efficiency for trucks across new Australian road infrastructure initiatives

Trucks keep the Australian economy moving, delivering key supplies across the nation.

Prioritising safety & efficiency for trucks across new Australian

Almost all commercial goods, from supermarket staples, to fuel and medicine, have been delivered by trucks. Our communities rely on the trucking industry to get essential goods, and so the safety and efficiency of major routes that heavy vehicles use daily is fundamental.

Funding for crucial upgrades across Australia is being used for numerous major freight routes. These improvements will improve safety, reduce the need for ongoing maintenance, and increase efficiency. We’ve gathered information on some new infrastructure initiatives that target safety and efficiency.

New South Wales and Victoria transport link: Mulwala Bridge repairs

Commencing in March, $3.45 million will be used to fix a damaged steel support structure, improve the pedestrian footpath, and upgrade the barrier rail on the Mulwala Bridge.

For the 8,5000 vehicles that use the bridge daily, this upgrade will support accessible, safe crossing for interstate drivers, Yarrawonga and Mulwala communities.

South Australian freight route: Bratten Bridge upgrade

Recently completed work has successfully increased the load capacity on Bratten Bridge in Tumby Bay, South Australia. This bridge supports a key freight route, with the repairs allowing for more efficient movements of grains.

The bridge was built more than 50 years ago, and was no longer able to support the weight of high-productivity freight vehicles. These repairs mean that these vehicles can access the bridge, resulting in reduced travel time for heavy vehicles, and less trucks needed to move loads.

Western Australia’s agricultural routes: funding for the Wheatbelt Freight Network

An additional $20 million was secured for 2021 upgrades to 95 kilometres of regional roads in Western Australia. The upgrades will connect businesses to domestic and international markets through WA’s ports.

While these upgrades are largely focused on better connecting the agricultural sector to regions and ports, the infrastructure will also improve tourism, mining and other sectors’ access to local communities.

South Australian road safety package

The South Australian government has announced 15 new road safety projects totalling more than $100 million. These initiatives will commence soon, and will deliver infrastructure upgrades including shoulder sealing, rumble strips, works to prevent head-on collisions and run-off road crashes.

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