Case Study: How Ofload’s Value-Add Services Helped Brisbane Transport Achieve Sustainable Growth

Discover how Ofload's services transformed Brisbane Transport's fleet of trucks in just a year, revolutionising logistics efficiency.

Case Study: Ofload's Value-Add: Empowering Brisbane Transport's Sustainable

Garry Badesha, director of Brisbane Transport, has managed to grow his fleet from two to 26 trucks in under a year since first joining Ofload. 

This is an extended version of a story which was published in Big Rigs in March 2024. Find the Big Rigs version here

In an era where logistics and transport demand agility and efficiency, Brisbane Transport, under the leadership of founder and CEO Gary Badesha, exemplifies a remarkable success story. Within a span of just 12 months, the Salisbury, QLD-based company has grown from a modest fleet of two trucks to a sustainable business commanding a modern fleet of 26 Volvo FH16 Globetrotters and Mercedes-Benz Actros. Gary credits the growth of his business to his team’s dedication, a focus on customer service and a fruitful partnership with Ofload.

The Challenge

Brisbane Transport initially faced the common hurdles of a burgeoning transport company: accessing consistent and reliable work, managing scalable growth, ensuring robust cash flow, and navigating the high costs of fuel and equipment financing. The logistics sector's volatile nature meant that Brisbane Transport needed innovative solutions to these persistent challenges.

Accessing Work

“Within a couple of weeks of working with Ofload, we had a contract in place for Kimberly Clark work. That started with supplying a few high cubes before we quickly started receiving additional Ofload contracts with other major FMCG companies”

The Challenge: The first thing transport operators need is reliable and consistent work for their fleets to service. Traditional load boards and brokers can be unreliable and small businesses can struggle to compete for contracts with major companies. 

Ofload’s Solution: Soon after Brisbane Transport joined Ofload they began to pick up ad hoc work available on the platform. Their dedication to customer service and excellent communication ensured they were well placed to pick up contracts with Ofload for work with Kimberley Clark and other major FMCG brands. The regular work provided by the platform gave them confidence to be able to sustainably grow their fleet

Equipment Finance

“They’re really good with communication and also gave me the confidence to buy specialised trailer equipment.”

The Challenge: Small to medium-sized transport companies cannot always access competitive lending rates to purchase equipment. Some brokers and lenders can have lengthy application processes which can be costly for the carrier. 

Ofload’s Solution: Ofload has a partnership with Quest, an Australian-based lender specialising in equipment finance for transport companies. Through Quest, Ofload is able to provide carriers with a seamless onboarding and approvals within hours. Gary was able to take advantage of this partnership to assist with his fleet expansion from two to 26 trucks, helping to service Ofload contracts and increasing his revenue potential. 

Fuel Cards

“The fuel discounts are really good. Ofload issue a fuel card through United Petroleum and all Ofload carriers can access that discount. Because Ofload is such a massive carrier, they were able to negotiate a better fuel rate for [us]”

The Challenge: Fuel companies offer fuel card discounts to carriers based on their usage and fleet size. Small and medium-sized transport operators are therefore not as competitive as large operators due to higher fuel overheads. Fuel costs represent a carrier’s biggest running cost, so any savings in this area can represent a major improvement. 

Ofload’s Solution: Due to its scale, Ofload has negotiated fuel card discounts with United petroleum on behalf of carriers, allowing carriers to access discounts they would not be able to access otherwise. Any Ofload carrier can access wholesale Diesel rates at any of over 470+ United and Astron station nationally which according to Ofload’s modelling can represent a saving of as much as $15,300 per truck per year.* By leveraging Ofload's Fuel Card program, Brisbane Transport unlocked significant savings on fuel—a recurring expenditure that forms a considerable portion of operating costs in the transport industry. 

Invoice Finance

“This has made a big difference for us.  We pay drivers weekly, fuel costs and other running costs. Ofload FastPay lets us meet all these obligations in a way that’s impossible for most haulage companies out there. They even pay us non-Ofload invoices within two days.”

The Challenge: Cash flow can represent a major challenge for small businesses even, those who have consistent work. Transport companies have high up-front including fuel. Most transport companies are paid 30 days after a load is completed, with some carriers waiting as long as 45 days to be paid. One late payment can throw a small business’s finances into jeopardy.  

Ofload’s Solution: Ofload has partnered with Australian-based finance company Butn to provide carriers with a solution to this common cash flow problem. Instead of waiting 30-45 days, Ofload carriers can be paid within 48 hours through Ofload FastPay. This solution is available directly within the Ofload portal, and can be utilised for any Ofload load, as well as loads completed outside the platform by simply uploading an invoicing. Brisbane Transport has taken advantage of FastPay for their loads allowing them to meet their obligations without having to chase up customer invoices. 

Future Outlook

“Brisbane Transport is always looking to expand. The Ofload partnership will be a key part of that, however we can always accept more freight on all our routes, going North or coming South.”

Brisbane Transport's strategic adoption of Ofload's value-added services, paired with their excellent service has catalysed a period of and efficiency. The company not only expanded its fleet by over 1200% but also achieved a notable reduction in operational costs, primarily through fuel savings and improved cash flow management. These factors collectively contributed to a healthier bottom line and positioned Brisbane Transport as a formidable player in the east coast transport corridor.

Looking ahead, Brisbane Transport is poised for sustained growth with a focus on excellence in customer service and compliance. The company's trajectory serves as a testament to the transformative power of strategic partnerships and innovative solutions in the logistics and transport industry.

* Fuel prices fluctuate daily and savings calculations are estimates. Find more information on the Ofload website.

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