January 10, 2023

Navigating safety and fatigue management in a 24-hour industry

Fatigue and distraction are two of the biggest safety risks experienced by employees and businesses within the logistics and transport industry.

Navigating safety and fatigue management in a 24-hour industry | Ofload

On average, there are around 1.35 million deaths and 20–50 million injuries a year from human error in transport-related incidents. Fortunately, as technology advances, there are now ways to prevent this from happening.

I am proud to announce that Ofload has partnered with Connect Source to roll out Guardian by Seeing Machines, a real-time safety and fatigue management system that prevents fatalities.

Prioritising driver safety

Fatigue is a major cause of large truck crash fatalities globally, with micro-sleeps and drowsy driving significantly impacting concentration on the road. It’s a challenge that Australia isn’t immune from.

NTI's latest NTARC Major Accident Investigation Report has shown that, whilst improving, driver fatigue and distraction remain key contributors to incidents involving heavy vehicles. Last year alone, a further 50.2% of transport-related accidents were caused by distractions.

From real-time updates on staff and vehicle availability, to data-driven analysis of staff and vehicle effectiveness, and a control tower view of all shipments at any one time. Technology is providing the industry with meaningful assistance. The good news is that it has the potential to do more—and combat fatigue and distraction to reduce transport fatalities.

Technology to get everyone home safe

Our partnership with Connect Source and Guardian by Seeing Machines will help us to play a pivotal role in protecting drivers, assisting in preventing fatigue and distraction from occurring. The safety solution helps fleets manage to detect driver fatigue and distraction in real-time and provides immediate risk intervention.

The safety solution consists of a full camera kit, an audio alarm and a powerful seat vibration, and software with access to reports and real-time visibility on incidents.  

Once a fatigue and/or distraction event is detected, the technology warns the driver through a set of in-cab alerts providing protection in real-time. The event is recorded by the technology, verified by Seeing Machines highly trained analysts, and in the case of a fatigue event the company’s Fatigue Intervention Plan is implemented immediately. Managers within the business can take immediate action to manage the situation and keep their drivers safe, straight away. In an industry that struggles to attract the attention of a new generation of drivers, tackling the main cause of driver fatality is key to promoting growth in an industry that has remained incredibly stagnant.

Proven results

Guardian by Seeing Machines has been scientifically proven to reduce fatigue events by more than 90%. Since it started, the solution has seen:

  • 11 Billion kilometres travelled
  • 14 Million distraction events detected
  • 230,000 fatigue interventions in the last 12 months

Guardian by Seeing Machines continue to prove the benefits of adopting  driver monitoring technology. These results demonstrate the impact they are having within the industry. There’s never been a greater time to invest in prevention techniques and tools. Through technology, we can manage fatigue and reduce distractions, to ultimately keep our drivers safe on the road.

The road ahead

Every item on Australian shelves is transported via truck multiple times before it arrives in store. Our nation is uniquely positioned to benefit from  driver monitoring technology due to the vast distance between our main cities and the country’s dependence on trucking. By tapping into technology, even if it is not for a full trip, drivers will be better rested and able to manage the demands of long-haul trips.

We are proud to partner with Connect Source  with its Guardian by Seeing Machines solution to keep our drivers safe. Investing in a technology that helps transport operators better understand and address high-risk situations and distractions is an innovative step the logistics industry must take.

If driver safety is an issue your business wants to solve, learn more and sign-up through Ofload to receive a discounted rate here.

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