March 11, 2021

Sustainability partnership, road safety initiative, and a program for young people in logistics

In February we announced our partnership with One Tree Planted, shipping delays continued to impact global supply chains, and a new crowd-sourced safety initiative asked drivers to report road issues.

Sustainability partnership, road safety initiative, & a program

Sustainable trucking

Sustainability is at the core of our mission, which is why we were proud to announce our partnership with One Tree Planted. We’ll be planting one tree in Australia for every shipment we book to help offset the carbon emissions from our loads. So far we’ve planted over 500 trees and we’re looking forward to planting more.

New crowd-sourced safety initiative for road safety

Maintaining road conditions is crucial to the safety of all road users, and truck drivers represent a rich source of knowledge on Australian roads. A crowd-sourced safety initiative, backed by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and Safe Freight Networks Australia, is asking truck drivers to flag road issues on an interactive map.

By prioritising and listening to heavy vehicle drivers, this initiative advocates for safety and will be key to drivers’ wellbeing, vehicle and road maintenance.

Continued shipping delays affecting global supply chains

Shipping delays have become a regular part of COVID-19 supply chains due to a sharp reduction in air travel, increased online shopping, and industrial action. This has created the perfect storm for delays and increased costs for international shipping. These delays are expected to get worse following a strike at Melbourne’s port in late February.

Pilot program creating a path for young people to transport and logistics

The average Australian heavy vehicle driver is 53 years old, and only 15% of truck drivers are less than 30 years old. A pilot program launched by the Western Roads Federation is aiming to combat this problem.

This initiative puts unemployed youth through training and a paid job placements, giving them an entry into the transport industry. With road freight volumes set to double by 2030, programs like this will be key to combating Australia’s ageing driver population.

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