Ofload Invoicing & Payment Terms

How does invoicing work for Ofload?
Ofload provides automated invoicing via RCTIs: Recipient-Created Tax Invoices. Once you have submitted a valid Proof of Delivery, and our Customer Service team has verified it, we will automatically generate the RCTI for the relevant shipment and send it out to you. There’s absolutely no action required from you!
What are the benefits of Ofload automated invoicing?
Ofload's automated invoicing program saves you and your team a lot of time and effort, while ensuring faster payment too. By eliminating the need for you to create and send invoices and by generating Recipient-Created Tax Invoices (RCTIs) instantly, Ofload’s automated invoicing program prevents any potential invoicing issue or delay.

As soon as the invoice is generated it will sit in our system, ready to pay by the due date (this is on average about 5 days faster than receiving a manual invoice from our Carriers).What should I do in case of a price difference on the RCTI?
What should I do in case of price difference on the RCTI?
If something arises during the shipment which impacts the amount you had agreed on with your allocator (demurrage for ex.), please contact your Ofload before submitting the Proof of Delivery. This will allow us to generate an RCTI with the correct amount.

If there is a price difference between the RCTI and the amount initially agreed on, please reach out to your Ofload allocator or our Customer Service team at hello@ofload.com for review. Once the matter is resolved, you will automatically receive an Issues and Claims invoice, just like an RCTI.
What should I do in case of price difference on the RCTI?
If our Ofload automated invoicing program poses a challenge for your business, please reach out to our accounting team at accounting@ofload.com. We will work on finding a suitable solution together.
What payment options does Ofload offer?
Ofload offers two payment options: Ofload FastPay and Ofload standard payment terms.

Tip: Please make note that submitting a valid Proof of Delivery and / or other relevant shipment documentation is mandatory for payment. To learn more, please see “Are there specific requirements for payment?” below.
What is FastPay and how does it work?
Ofload FastPay is our fast payment option, an industry first in Australia! By subscribing to Ofload FastPay, you will get all your Ofload loads within 48 hours - providing we have received and validated the shipment documentation.
How do I sign up to FastPay?
To subscribe to Ofload FastPay,

1. Log-in to your Ofload account
2. Go to the Settings tab (see left hand side menu)
3. Tick the “Register for 2 day payment” box

It’s never been easier!
What are the terms and conditions for Ofload FastPay?
Once you have subscribed to Ofload FastPay, all of your Ofload shipments will be paid through this program. To unsubscribe, simply update your profile settings on our platform.

A small fee of 1.60% per invoice applies: an industry leading cost we’ve negotiated for you with our partner Butn.
What are Ofload's standard payment terms?
Our standard payment terms are 28 days after we have received your Proof of Delivery and / or other relevant shipment documentation and it has been validated by our team.
Are there specific requirements for payment?
Yes - Submitting all the shipment paperwork - including pallet dockets - is mandatory for payment. Ofload will not be able to process a payment if we have not received valid shipment paperwork in a timely manner

How do I submit my Proof of Delivery / paperwork?

The easiest way to ensure payment is made as fast as possible is to use Ofload’s Carrier App when completing work. After logging in, the app will automatically update the pick up and drop off for you and prompt you to upload photos of the POD paperwork while you are still on site - simple! Please see the app user guide here.

If you are unable to use the app, please you can head to our platform and update the order that way.

How do I make sure my paperwork is validated?

Some paperwork might be rejected by our Customer Service team, delaying invoicing and therefore payment as well…

To ensure your paperwork can be validated by our team, make sure the Proof of Delivery and/or other documentation is clear, easy to read, and contains: the shipper/customer’s order number (included in the booking) and a signature or stamp from the receiver.